Marek Bury PhD, M.Sc.

Polish and European Patent Attorney

He acquired his higher education in 2004, whilst being awarded a diploma of M.Sc. Engineer at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, the Warsaw University of Technology, at a macro-major of Information Technology, Automation and Robotics, Electronics and Telecommunication, and an additional profile of Telecommunication – Electroacoustic and Television.
In 2009, he graduated (with honours) and was awarded a degree of PhD in technical sciences for his dissertation entitled: „Obrazowanie obiektów na podstawie wielopunktowej akwizycji mikrofalowych sygnałów szerokopasmowych” (Microwave imaging based on multi-point acquisition of ultra-wideband signals). Also in 2009, he passed a patent attorney examination and was registered as a Polish patent attorney under a file number 3261.
His dissertation was granted the third award in the national competition for the best dissertation in the field of radiocommunication and multimedia technologies, and an individual 2nd degree award of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for scientific achievement in 2009. From 2010, he also acted as a patent attorney for a big law firm and as an Assistant Professor at the Warsaw University Technology.
He has participated in the implementation of numerous scientific as well as research and development projects concerning a wide variety of issues concerning radioelectronics, among other things, standards of digital television, object location, microwave imaging, radar systems and emergency management systems using robots. He has attended programmes aimed at the strengthening of relations between science and industry.
In 2013, he was entered into the Register of European Patent Attorneys after having successfully passed the European Qualification Examination. He deals with the cases concerning patents, mainly in the field of electrotechnics. The area of his specialization includes the protection of Computer Implemented Invention (CII) in the field of telecommunication, particularly radiocommunication. He is an author and co-author of approximately 30 scientific publications concerning radioelectronics and 5 works concerning industrial property. He is a member of the IEEE. He provides assistance in the field of evaluation of patentability, preparation of strategy to apply for patent protection in and outside the Republic of Poland, examination and proving patent violation, and invalidation of inaccurately awarded patents and rights under utility designs.
Marek Bury is interested in the mechanisms of commercialisation of the results of scientific results; he is a graduate of the programme implemented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Top500 Innovators Science, Management, Commercialization, and a member of the association of graduates of this programme.
mobile: +48 537 373 430